"Yes, I have been working on a new invisibility spell. As you can see, it works quite well. Why?"

Ancotar quote

Ancotar is an Altmer and Mages Guild wizard who likes his privacy; he currently resides at Fort Caractacus while performing research. Before the Hero's arrival, he had turned all living people and creatures within a wide radius of his fort, including himself, completely invisible. This caused a problem for the nearby small settlement of Aleswell. When the others are turned back to normal though, he stays invisible. Ancotar made the scroll that made them visible again, and made a protection ring so that there weren't any side effects on the caster.

Using the scroll in the area around Ancotar will make him visible and angry at the Hero for taking away his privacy.


Zero VisibilityEdit

One of Ancotar's experiments have made all living things in a close vicinity invisible. This includes all the people in the nearby settlement of Aleswell. The Hero must help them be visible again.


Zero VisibilityEdit

"Oblivion take you! What is it you want from me?"

Invisibility spell "Yes, I have been working on a new invisibility spell. As you can see, it works quite well. Why?"
Tell him about Aleswell. "Oh... Really? Everyone in town? That must have been what all the shouting was about a few weeks ago. I'm afraid I was engrossed in an experiment that required my full attention. You see, in order to increase the efficacy of the spell, the radius was likely to approach the... never mind. I don't mean to bore you."
Just tell me how to reverse it. "You can tell them not worry, the effect is not actually permanent. It should wear off eventually."
Eventually? "Well... in a year or two. Maybe a bit more. There's no way to be absolutely sure. That's the exciting thing about basic research!"
They can't wait for a year. "Really? I find being invisible quite refreshing. But, if it will get everyone to leave me alone, fine. I did work out a counter-spell last week... if I can just put my hand to it... ah! [Ancotar hands you a scroll.] Here. Stand in the center of town, to make sure you get everyone. Oh, and make sure... never mind. Should be fine."
Invisibility spell "I am sorry about that. Just use the Reverse Invisibility scroll I gave you."
Reverse invisibility spell "I've already given you the scroll. Stand in the middle of town, read it, poof! It is exactly like magic."

(If approached again)
"What is it now?"
(After using Ancotar's scroll)
"What do you want?"

Aleswell "I'm glad you were able to help them. I would have done it myself, but I like being invisible. Besides, I don't know if they'd have been happy to see me."
Invisibility spell "I'm glad to hear that the villagers aren't invisible anymore. It will make it easier for me to avoid them."



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