Andasreth is a Dunmer stronghold in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The stronghold is located in a small desert area of the West Gash region. It is north of Gnaar Mok, just over the mountains north of Khartag Point.

From the outside there are doors leading to the Lower level and the Propylon Chamber, a door to the Upper Level is on the roof. Aloie Indaram, Giryn Nirith and Sulis Rendas are stationed here.

Andasreth has been taken over by bandits. Four dead Redoran guards, presumably killed by the bandits, are in the lower level of the stronghold.


Recover Shields from AndasrethEdit

This House Redoran quest requires the hero to recover four Redoran Banner Shields. The shields can be found on the lower level in the locked room with the four dead guards.

Propylon ChamberEdit

Andasreth has a Propylon Chamber linking to Hlormaren and Berandas.

Lower LevelEdit

The lower level consists of a hallway running around the perimeter, with four rooms. Two rooms, behind wooden doors with one guard each, are set up as living quarters with hammocks, chests, and various furniture. The room behind the wooden door with a level 20 lock has the body of four Redoran guards. The remaining room contains two bandits and several crates, and a door leading to the upper level.


Notable itemsEdit

Upper LevelEdit

The upper level consists of a hallway running around the perimeter with four rooms. There is a stairway leading down to the lower level and a stairway leading up to the rooftop.


Notable itemsEdit


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