Not to be confused with Andurs.

Anders was a Nord bandit in search of riches, alongside his companion Nystrom, inside the Twilight Sepulcher.


Anders and Nystrom posed as priests of Nocturnal to obtain the Sepulcher's treasure, which, according to Nystrom's notes of Lythelus' riddles, was found inside Pilgrim's Path. Anders subsequently murdered Nystrom and left his body inside the first room of the Twilight Sepulcher so that he would not have to share the treasure.

As part of the last riddle, Anders jumped down into a pit, but found himself trapped at the bottom and eventually starved to death.


Darkness ReturnsEdit

When in search for the Skeleton Key in the Twilight Sepulcher, Anders' remains will be encountered in the pit. His remains hold Anders's Message.


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