"Hey there, pal! Need a room?"
―Andreas Draconis[src]

Andreas Draconis quote

Andreas Draconis is an Imperial publican and a member of the Draconis family. Andreas runs The Drunken Dragon Inn and charges 20 GoldIcon a night.


From the age of six, Andreas started brewing his own beer and spirits. The happiest day of his life was the day he opened his inn for business.[1]

Andreas keeps a cheerful outlook on life, and treats his friends and welcomed guests with warmness. He spends all his time behind the counter of his bar, his only regular customer being a Legion Soldier.


Next of KinEdit

Andreas, as well as the rest of his family are targets of the Dark Brotherhood, in the quest "Next of Kin." If the Silencer threatens him or tells him that his mother "bled like a pig" he will become enraged and attack.

Once the quest is started, it will no longer be possible to rent a room.


Next of KinEdit

"Looking for a room?"

Actually, I'm here to kill you. "Kill me? What is this? Who are you? I don't know who sent you, but you won't take me down without a fight! So go ahead, make your move!"
Your mother bled like a pig. "My mother? No! What have you done to her! I'll kill you! Agghh!"
<Say nothing.> "Hmm. All right, then. You're not one for talking. I can respect that. Well, if you need anything, you just let me know."


  • "Sure, friend, I've got a bed you can rent. It's upstairs at the end of the hall, last door on your right. Just 20 Gold. Sound good?"
  • "All right, but you're missing out. It's a fine room, and to be honest, you look like you could use some rest." —When offer for a room is turned down
  • "Very good! Your room is waiting. Upstairs, last door on the right. Thanks again, and have a wonderful stay!" —If a room is purchased.
  • "Did you find the room? Remember, upstairs at the end of the hallway. Last room on your right."
  • "Look, friend, I'm not running a flophouse here. No gold, no room. No exceptions."
  • "You take care now, buddy."
  • "Hey there, pal! Need a room?"

If his Disposition is below 50.

  • "Next time, go someplace else, huh? The Inn of Ill Omen, the Tiber Septim Hotel... Anywhere but here, okay?"
  • "Oh, by the Nine Divines, why do I get all the riff-raff?"


  • When killed, he will receive a tombstone at Applewatch with the epitaph, "Here lies Andreas Draconis, dutiful son and master brewman. May he forever serve Azura in the afterlife."



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