Anga's Mill is a wood mill located to the west of Windhelm, on the Yorgrim River. It is comprised of three buildings: Aeri's House, Anga's Mill Common House, and the mill.

There are two Woodcutter's Axes near the side of Aeri's house. The Dragonborn can chop wood at this location and sell it to Aeri, who owns the mill. The Headless Horseman will also appear here, and travels from here to Forsaken Cave. One of the residents, Aeri, is a possible marriage candidate.


As a mill, lumber can be purchased here, and it will be delivered to the Dragonborn's homesteads (as added by Hearthfire). In addition, the Dragonborn can chop and sell wood to Aeri.


Contract: Kill Ennodius PapiusEdit

The Dark Brotherhood contract target Ennodius Papius lives nearby in a bedroll up the waterfall by Anga's Mill.


Speaking to Aeri reveals that she needs to send a note to Jarl Skald the Elder in Dawnstar regarding her latest shipment.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Biography of the Wolf Queen - Speech skill book.
  • Two iron ore veins: one is located across the river to the south, and the other one just to the west of the mill, by the river.
  • West of Anga's Mill is a small camp consisting of a single tent, with a usable bedroll, and a campfire. There is a locked strongbox under a nearby waterfall, some barrels, and a hidden chest stuck inside the ground containing random loot. A leveled weapon may be here as well, outside of the chest. Additionally, there is a quicksilver ingot hidden near the chest.



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  •  PC   360   PS3   Sometimes the Dragonborn may be spawned high in the air after fast-traveling to Anga's Mill, causing them to fall to their death.


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