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Anga is an Ayleid Ruin which is located northeast of Imperial City, just east of the Silver Road to Bruma. It can only be accessed through the Daedric quest given by the Daedric Prince, Namira at her shrine.


The ruin is home to a small group of characters who worship Namira and have prayed for relief from a group of Priests of Arkay. The Forgotten Ones as they are called, seem to hate the light of the torches the priests carry, and it even seems that the light hurts them, though it causes no actual loss of health.

Notable itemsEdit

The chests in the zombie-infested room have a handful of enchanted rings, weapons, soul gems, or GoldIcon.


  • A pair of zombies inhabit a small sealed room in the southern end of the ruins.



The Hero learned from the followers of Namira that they will only summon the Daedra for someone repulsive. If they are to get their help they will need to make themselves less attractive to others.

Namira wants the Hero to help out a flock of her followers, who are holding up in a nearby Ayleid ruin—it seems that they like the utter darkness that they have found there.


  • There is a Daedric Altar inside. The inscriptions on the left and right read "EOER LAST IN J LIFE" while the one on the top reads "NAMIRA."
  • On several walls there is an inscription in daedric that reads "SHE WATCHES OVER US, SHADOWING US WITH HER, DARK EMRACE, THE FORLORNE IST, ETERNALL IN THE DARKEST, PITS" two examples can be found directly down the stairs north east of the large central room.


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