Angelie's House is the residence of Angelie and located within the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. It's a standard two story town house with a basement. The reception room on the first floor is sparsely furnished. There is a small table with some food items and a cupboard next to it with more food. Some shelves with miscellaneous items and a few barrels. There is a locked and leveled chest opposite the stairs.

Angelie's Private QuartersEdit

Upstairs is the bedroom, also sparsely furnished. A sitting area with a small table with food and wine. A desk with a few books on, is in the alcove on the right when entering. At the foot of the bed is a locked and leveled chest and her locked and leveled jewelry box is found on the cupboard. Beside it is a wine rack full with wine.

Angelie's BasementEdit

In the large basement are several barrels, two chests and some miscellaneous items.



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