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"He is a tremor in the land, a poison in the water. He is a whisper, a shadow a chill wind. He is Gravesinger and Reachmage, necromancer and corruptor. Death and decay are his domains."
―Guardian of the Earth[src]

Angof the Gravesinger is a Reachman necromancer and the leader of the Bloodthorn Cult.

He has allied himself with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal and attempted to corrupt the land of Glenumbra using dark magic. He is responsible for the resurrection of the werewolf Faolchu and the appearance of thorny roots throughout Glenumbra. His lair is in Cath Bedraud. He serves as the region's main antagonist.

After his death, he can be encountered in Coldharbour at the Cliffs of Failure, participating in the Observer's "Game," where he is known as Angof the Undying. During the Game, Angof tells the Vestige that the reason he turned to Molag Bal was to gain the power to free Glenumbra from what he saw as the corrupt mechanisms of the Breton nobility. Of all the participants of the Game, Angof is the only one to have any form of remorse over what he had done, even willing to sacrifice himself to save the Mages Guild adepts.


Angof the GravesingerEdit

Darien Gautier discovered that we need three shard-keys to open the three locks that protect Angof's inner sanctum. The three shard-keys are well guarded, the Vestige need to defeat the guardians to acquire the shard-keys.

The Endless WarEdit

A Thorn in Your SideEdit

The Army of MeridiaEdit

If he is sided with, Angof will appear at the Chapel of Light during the meeting.

The Final AssaultEdit

Upon entering The Endless Stair, Angof will be close by if sided with earlier. He will give you seeds to use on Dremora, turning them into helpful zombies.


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