"We were supposed to be rich by now, you know. Thorgar insisted we'd be swimming in gold."

Angvid is a Breton who is found working in Whistling Mine southeast of Winterhold.


Angivd wears a standard miners outfit and carries an Iron Mace. He will usually be found swinging a pickaxe at various ore veins around the mine, if not, Angvid will be sleeping on one of the bedrolls just inside the mine. He is not sure if staying in the mine is worth it because of the lack of ore, and he is losing faith in both Thorgar and the mine.


  • "I'm starting to think that we might not even find iron in here. We've been at it for so long."
  • "Is it still worth it? When do you decide enough is enough, and just walk away?"


  • He may carry a small amount of gold.


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