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Anise is an elderly Nord who lives just southwest of Riverwood, and can often be found gardening or sitting on a chair outside her cabin.

Physical appearance[]

"I'm just a poor old woman, dear. No need to trouble yourself with me."

She appears indifferent to anyone just visiting, but is secretly a witch and will become hostile if she sees anyone stealing from her or if the Dragonborn enters her cellar, which contains an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab, as well as various alchemical ingredients. There is also a letter in the cellar which indicates that she desires to create a witches coven.


  • "Fool! None may know my secret!" – Upon turning hostile if the Dragonborn found her secret cellar
  • "I get so lonely out here."
  • "I'm just a poor old woman, dear. No need to trouble yourself with me."
  • "It's so nice to have a visitor."
  • "It's tough just scraping by out here, but I make do."
  • "I've lived through worse!"
  • "Now, look what you made me do!"
  • "You need to learn some manners!"


Anise's Stats
Level 30
Health 500
Magicka 800
Stamina 200
Armor Rating 150
All Skills 40


  • Her sister Moira will send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if Anise is stolen from or killed. This is confirmed by the contract on her body signed by the same Helgi to whom the letter in Anise's cellar is addressed.
  • If Anise is killed, the bed in her cabin can now be slept in. However, all items inside the cabin will still be owned, and must be stolen.
  • It is possible, although very rare, that she may reveal her powers if wolves or bandits happen to come by as the Dragonborn is near, attacking them with magic.
  • If Illusion or Restoration spells are cast towards or at Anise, she will immediately turn hostile.
  • If the Dragonborn is without a house, her shack is a good place to temporarily stay, due to the arcane enchanter, alchemy lab and ingredients, and because her cabin is a marked location on the map.
  • After leaving the basement, if the Dragonborn leaves the area without killing Anise, she will forever be hostile, attacking upon each subsequent visit.
  • If there are enemies following the Dragonborn to her cabin, she may summon a familiar which will attack the Dragonborn, making it so Moira will not send hired thugs if she is killed.