Anka-Ra Flame-Shaper is a Yokudan fire mage that uses special flame-shaping techniques, found exclusively in the Hel Ra Citadel Trial.


Assaulting the CitadelEdit

During the quest, the delvers are required to defeat dozens of Flame-Shapers to reach the Celestial Warrior within the depths of Hel Ra Citadel.


Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers are fire mages, meaning, they carry fire-based destruction staves and attack with them like a player character would. They have a special, interrupt-able ability, however, in which they shape a spinning circle with fire and fling the fire to every single delver in the vicinity. Since Flame-Shapers are not found alone, their combined channeling could obliterate any delving party, and so should be interrupted in their casting by utilizing bashing or Venom Arrow, Focused Charge, Crushing Shock and Deep Breath.




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