Not to be confused with Anriel or Aniel.

Anrel is a Bosmer Spellsword and member of House Hlaalu. She can be found in Llethan Manor at the district of Godsreach, Mournhold. She works for the widow of King Athyn Llethan, Ravani Llethan.





"If you're here to offer your respects, speak to Ravani Llethan, the king's widow."

King Llethan's death
  • (low disposition) "[She eyes you suspiciously.] He was an old man. Old men die. And now Helseth is king. Long live the king."
  • (high disposition) "All right. I'll tell you what I think. He was old. But not that old. Maybe he just died, like they said. But maybe someone helped him along. There's a broadside sheet called "The Common Tongue." In there it says Helseth poisoned hundreds of people when he was in the West, so why not here?"



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