Not to be confused with Ansei Radan or Ansei Halelah.

The Ansei were a renowned group of warriors of the Redguards. They were the most masterful of the Sword-Singers, who were known for creating a spirit sword known as the Shehai.[1] Makela Leki, the author of From the Memory Stone of Makela Leki, was a second-level Ansei.[2]

Order of DiagnaEdit

The most recognized group of the Ansei was the Order of Diagna.[3] This order, with the help of Joile of Daggerfall, helped to defeat the Orsimer during the First Era Siege of Orsinium.[4] The leader of the Order of Diagna, Gaiden Shinji, is known to have fallen in battle during this siege.


The Hiradirge was another, less well-known branch of the Ansei. They were said to be the "Masters of Stone Magic."[5]


Even the condescending footnotes added by "YR" in the first edition of the Pocket Guide to the Empire honor the Ansei, stating that By far the most popular gods in Hammerfell are Tall Papa, and his children: Hunding, Leki and Ansei.[6]


It is believed that the Ansei died out sometime during the First Era.[7]




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