For the similarly-named city, see Antyphyllos.

The County of Antiphyllos is a region in western Hammerfell, in the Iliac Bay. It is surrounded by the Alik'r Deset to the east, west, and south. It also borders Sentinel to the northwest and Ayasofya to the northeast. The residents of Antiphyllos often consider the region a part of the Alik'r.[1] The regional capital is Antyphyllos. The dominant vampire bloodline in Antiphyllos is Anthotis and the regional deity is Mara. This region is home to The Dust Witches and the Coven of Dust. Although they are the knightly order of Santaki, the Knights of the Hawk protect Antiphyllos.

After the Warp in the West, Antiphyllos fell under rule of Sentinel.

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In the Second Era, the King of Hammerfell was Fahara'jad of Sentinel and he had three children. His eventual successor and youngest child, Prince Azah was known as The Lion of Antiphyllos.[2]

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