"During the crisis, I worked behind the scenes to keep Abah's Landing from falling apart in the guild's absence. Oh, I wanted to be here to help, but I had responsibilities. Look at everything Zeira has accomplished! She certainly did a great job!"
―Anton Jenole[src]

Anton Jenole is a Breton member of the Thieves Guild found in the Thieves Den in the Bazaar District of Abah's Landing, Hew's Bane.


"Call me "the Captain." Everyone else does. You know, I was a pirate and smuggler before I joined the guild. Indeed, I poured my personal fortune into the organization. Funded some of our biggest heists, back in the day."

What's next for the Thieves Guild? "We'll continue to rebuild, finish getting our own house in order. I have nothing but admiration and respect for our beloved guildmaster! Indeed, I can't wait to see what she has planned for us next. The anticipation has me on the edge of my seat!"
What's your role in the guild? "My experiences from my days as a pirate and smuggler make me invaluable to the guild. I have contracts, friends in distant ports, and more that enough advice to pass along. When it comes to planning and organization, just call on "the Captain!""
Do you have a ship, "Captain?" "I had a beautiful ship, once. It was fast, nimble ... but the summer storms that blow up along the Abecean coast were too powerful for my poor "Swift Lightning." Sank to the bottom of the sea. But let's bask in Zeira's success. This was a good day!"


  • "Those Iron Wheel bastards! Good riddance, I say! Zeira brought the guild back from the brink of extinction, and I for one am certainly glad she did."


  • Anton Jenole rejoins the Thieves Guild after the quest "Prison Break" has been completed.


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