Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

Close up of ants on a stump.

"If you look down once in a while, there are certain wood boards or log stumps, and if you look at them closely you'll see ants crawling across them. 99.9 percent of the people playing the game won't notice that, but we know it's there. And when you're done looking at the ants on the ground, take a moment to notice the gorgeous trees."
Todd Howard

Ants can be found crawling over logs and dead wood in the warmer parts of Skyrim. They can be seen marching together in long lines. Ants can also be found moving in and out of some wood piles and decaying wood. They are passive creatures that cannot be killed or collected.


  • Ants can be found on top of a stump outside of Cracked Tusk Keep.
  • Found on a tree stump in front of the Half-Moon Mill near the town of Falkreath.
  • After crossing the stone bridge from Riverwood, there are ants on the stump right in front of you.
  • Northeast of the mill in Riverwood, there are two stumps near the river.  The ants are on the one next to the standing tree.
  • Outside the homestead added by Hearthfire, Lakeview Manor, ants can be seen on a tree that has been cut down (near an altar). Along with the ants, a tankard sits on the tree stump.