Anumidium Plans are Dwemer schematics to build the Numidium (also known as Anumidium). They can be found posted on a wall on the second floor of the Tel Vos Central Tower.

Unavailable questEdit

In the game's Construction Set dialogue spoken by Darius exists that indicates a quest involving the Anumidium Plans was removed from the final game, and that the plans were originally intended to be located in the Red Mountain region.

  • "The Emperor Uriel Septim VII wants the plans for the Anumidium."
  • "With a mere copy of the Anumidium, Tiber Septim was able to conquer all of Tamriel. Naturally in these troubling times, the new Emperor wants us to find any information we can on the original Anumidium. I have heard that the plans for the Anumidium rest somewhere in Red Mountain. If you find them, bring them to me."
  • "I see you have a fragment of the plans for the Anumidium. Will you return this to me now and help protect the Empire?"
    • "I am glad you are still loyal. We will need %PCRaces like you for the troubles ahead. In exchange for these plans, I offer you [REWARD]."
    • "This does not surprise me, %PCName. Even those I thought I could trust are turning against the Empire."
  • "You have returned the plans to the Anumidium and helped save the Empire."


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