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"Visit the lighthouse anytime. Fine view of the town and harbor."
Ulfgar Fog-Eye[src]

The Anvil Lighthouse is a lighthouse in the Gold Coast region, situated on a peninsula outside Anvil overlooking the Abecean Sea. The lighthouse is kept by the Nord Ulfgar Fog-Eye, a contact in the Dark Brotherhood quest "Following a Lead."


The lighthouse has three levels. The actual lighthouse, which is more of a storage area under the stairs leading up to the lighthouse tower, has a door leading up to the top of the tower where the light is.

The last level is the cellar, which is made up of two rooms, where gruesome happenings have occurred. There are dead bodies, body parts and blood all over the place. Mathieu Bellamont resides in the cellar, and has made a shrine with his mother's head in the back room.


Following a LeadEdit

Lucien Lachance says it's time to confront the one behind the plot to kill the Black Hand and sends the Hero to Anvil.



  • It is possible to activate the light at the top of the tower.


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