"The Anvil Mages Guild is proud to follow the example Hannibal Traven sets for us: mastery and scholarship free of the dark arts."

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The Anvil Mages Guild is the stone home of wizards in the city of Anvil. This edifice is just south of the Anvil - Main Gate and the next-door neighbor of the Anvil Fighters Guild. Restoration spells can be purchased here.

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Anvil RecommendationEdit

As part of the "Join the Mages Guild" questline, the Hero must gain a recommendation from an Altmer Spellsword named Carahil who serves as the leader of the Anvil Mages Guild. Unlike other tasks needed to gain a recommendation for access into the Arcane University, and thereby advancing in the guild, the "Anvil Recommendation" quest requires combat with a mage experienced in the use of frost spells.


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