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Anwen is a Redguard priestess in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who lives in the Temple of Dibella.


Anwen can be a candidate for marriage if the Dragonborn wears an Amulet of Mara.


After marrying Anwen, she opens a shop that her spouse can purchase and sell goods of all types from. Additionally, she gives her spouse 100 Gold daily from the store profits. This amount stacks if uncollected.


Unless married, Anwen is so devoted to her duties as a Priestess that she never leaves the Temple of Dibella. If she weds, she offers to live at her home (which is the temple) or the Dragonborn's. If the player has already adopted children, she comments that wherever it is, there has to be room for the children.


"Yes, yes. I haven't got all day..."

Anwen's marital dialogue is more assertive (similar to Olfina Gray-Mane) than some other female marriage options for the Dragonborn (for example Mjoll the Lioness, Iona, and Aela the Huntress). However, she still has some tender lines as well.


  • Unless Hearthfire is installed, she is the only Redguard who can be married. With Hearthfire, Rayya can also be married.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   After you marry Anwen, she may just stay at the Temple of Dibella instead of moving in to your home, even if you specifically ask her to move.