Not to be confused with Apocrypha.

The Apographa are the "hidden writings" of the Tribunal Temple. They belong to the corpus of "Heirographa," the priestly writings collected by the Temple. The Apographa, being hidden writings, are not accessible for the wider public, but only for the high-ranking members of priestly and inquisitional hierarchy.[1] Known contributors to the Apographa writings are Alandro Sul[2] and Ane Teria.[3]

Dissident PriestsEdit

That the Temple withhold part of their writings is a key objections of the secret order calling themselves "Dissident Priests."[4] Defying the Temple, they try to collect as many hidden texts of the Apographa as possible, and bring them together at the library of Holamayan Monastery.[1]

Known Apographa writingsEdit



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