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Apotheosis is a rare process by which a mortal ascends into godhood or further.[1] This can happen in many ways, usually quite difficult or dangerous to those attempting it, though it has happened many times in the history of Tamriel. For example, Tiber Septim, who became the god Talos.[2][3] Another example is Reman Cyrodiil, who later became worshiped in some sectors of Tamriel as the god Reman.[4] A more famous example is the Tribunal Temple in Morrowind. In The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles, the Hero of Kvatch achieved this process and became the Mad God, Sheogorath.[2] Mannimarco is also an example of someone who ascended into godhood.[5]


The methods of Apotheosis are called the Walking Ways[6], which can extend beyond godhood and to Amaranth.[UL 1]


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