Aranalda is a follower of Azura. She is mentioned in Worn, Faded Note[1] during the quest "Azura."

Aranalda is the only archer in the party. Besides her bow, she also carries a leveled sword. She also has a 25% chance of wielding a staff.



Ages ago, five of Azura's followers fought and destroyed the vampire Dratik, but all were infected with Porphyric Hemophilia. Knowing their fate, they locked themselves in the Gutted Mine to prevent themselves from ravaging the world. Azura, caring for her worshipers, wants them killed and freed of the curse.


  • Although the names of all five vampires in Gutted Mine is "Afflicted Brethren," one of them carries a Worn, Faded Note, which can be used to work out which was which from the names and races.



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