For other uses, see Arathel.

Arathel is an Altmer found in the waterworks in the city of Shimmerene, Summerset.


A Tale of Two MothersEdit

During the quest Lanarie asks the Vestige to find her son, Arathel.


"Agh! Don't hurt me! Wait. You're not one of them, are you? Sorry. As soon as I say the opening, I took off running. I didn't even see that drop! Honestly, I'm lucky to be alive ... for the moment, at least. My mother is going to kill me."

Your mother's the one who sent me. I need to get you back to the Mother's Den. "Ugh. That's two mothers that will want my head. All right. I'll follow ... at a distance. I've had enough excitement for one lifetime."
Stay close. You'll be fine.


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