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"The Arboretum. That's where J'mhad likes to go. Always quiet, always green."

The Imperial City Arboretum is the southeast district of the Imperial City from which the Arena District, the Temple District, and the Imperial City Palace can be accessed. The Arboretum is the city's botanical gardens and is one of the only non-residential districts, the Arena being the other.

Located in the center of the Aboretum are the statues of the Nine Divines. Scores of the city's citizens visit the Arboretum throughout the day. Trees, flowers mushrooms, and other flora enhance the serenity of the courtyard. During the Thieves Guild quest "The Ultimate Heist," the player must access the Imperial City Sewers from the grate located in the northwest section of the district.

Statues of the DivinesEdit

Each of the god's statues are circled around the statue of Tiber Septim, the god Talos. Starting at the northernmost statue and moving clockwise:


The Ultimate HeistEdit

The final piece the Gray Fox needs to complete his grand (but unrevealed) scheme, is an Elder Scroll from the Imperial City Palace itself. To start, he gives the Hero the Boots of Springheel Jak, which he believes they may need at some point, as well as the Arrow of Extrication, which supposedly should unlock something.

Map keyEdit

  1. Imperial City Palace
  2. Imperial City Sewers
  3. Arena District
  4. Southeast Watch Tower
  5. City Isle
  6. South Watch Tower
  7. Temple District




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