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"When the new Mages Guild needed a headquarters, they took over an older Ayleid district adjacent to Imperial City and rebuilt its interior as the Arcane University. Though the Worm Cult had taken it over, it was still badly damaged by Molag Bal's attack during the Planemeld."
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The Arcane University is a battleground that is located on the City Isle in Cyrodiil. It can be accessed by players who have purchased The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. The battleground was added with Update 15, and does not require the Imperial City DLC.




  • It was said that after the outlawing of the Mages Guild, the university was turned over to the Fellowship of Anchorites for management, and thousands of rare Dwarven artifacts were kept in the vaults below. When the Planemeld began, Daedra invaded and took over the university and looters smuggled out many artifacts, but the Dragonguard managed to secure some of the important artifacts within it.[1][2][3]

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