Arcarin is an Altmer member of the Aldmeri Dominion stationed at the Eastern Elsweyr Gate in Cyrodiil.


Welcome to Cyrodiil Edit

Complete training and join Dominion win the Alliance War


"Welcome to Cyrodiil, soldier. Here to help out in the war?"

Yes, I'm ready. Where do I go? "First, you need training. It starts with an easy task. Fangil waits at the Western Elsweyr gate with munitions for the siege range. The Transitus Shrine is the best way to get there and back. Viriniel can tell you more about it."
What if I don't need training? "If you think you don't need training, speak with Grand Warlord Sorcalin. Only she can excuse you from it. Go to Fangil at the Western Elsweyr gate to start your training, or see Sorcalin to skip training. Your choice."
Thank you

Speaking again:

"We need trained warriors out on the battlefields, so hurry up."

What's the war about? "What is any war about? There are enemies to be vanquished and their lands, riches, and strongholds to be made ours. The Dominion, Covenant, and Pact will battle for Cyrodiil until one alliance is victorious."
Why fight over Cyrodiil? "Cyrodiil is the heart of Tamriel. The alliance that controls Cyrodiil can strike in any direction, threatening the other heartlands. And whoever controls the Imperial City assumes the mantle of the Empire. We must see that the Dominion prevails!"


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