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Arch-Mage is a Mages Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



  1. Talk with Skink-in-Tree's-Shade in Wolverine Hall, in Sadrith Mora, about duties.
  2. Go to Vivec Mages Guild.
  3. Deliver the letter to Trebonius Artorius.


  1. Go to Edwinna Elbert in Ald'ruhn Mages Guild, speak with her about duties.
  2. Go to Vivec Mages Guild.
  3. Challenge Trebonius to a duel to the death.
  4. Go to Vivec Arena and defeat Trebonius.

Skip the Master Wizard rankEdit

Must be Wizard rank to choose this option

  1. Speak with Trebonius in the Vivec Mages Guild, he will challenge you.
  2. Go to Vivec Arena and defeat Trebonius.


There are two ways to become Arch-Mage: fire Trebonius with a letter from Chancellor Ocato or kill him in a duel to the death in Vivec Arena.


The quest Galur Rithari's Papers must be completed. 

Go to Skink-in-Tree's-Shade, who can be found in Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora, and talk to him about duties. He will give a letter from Chancellor Ocato firing Trebonius and promoting the Nerevarine to Arch-Mage.

Go to Vivec Mages Guild and give the letter for Trebonius and the Nerevarine will be promoted to Arch-Mage.

Duel to the DeathEdit

The quest Bethamez must be completed.

Go to Edwinna Elbert in Ald'ruhn Mages Guild and talk with her about duties. She will advise the Nerevarine to talk with Trebonius about being Arch-Mage.

Go to Vivec Mages Guild and speak with Trebonius. The Nerevarine will be challenged to a duel in the Arena. Then go to the Vivec Arena and defeat Trebonius.

Skip the Master Wizard rankEdit

Wizard rank is required.

It is possible to skip the Master Wizard rank and duel with Trebonius without speaking with Edwinna, the Nerevarine can go directly for him and be challenged to a duel in the Arena.



  • +10 reputation
  • Promotion to Arch-Mage



Arch-Mage – MG_Guildmaster
IDJournal Entry
10Edwinna Elbert asked me to talk to Arch-Mage Trebonius.
  • Quest accepted
20Skink-in-Tree's-Shade asked me to deliver a letter to Arch-Mage Trebonius.
50Guildmaster Trebonius challenged me to a duel in the Arena in Vivec. The duel is to the death. Whoever wins will be the Guildmaster of the Mages Guild in Vvardenfell.
100I am the new Arch-Mage of the Guild of Mages in Vvardenfell.
  • Quest completed

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