"Pompous, assimiliated [sic], slaver kleptocrats."

Archein was a position created by the Septim Empire in the Imperial province of Black Marsh. The Archeins were native Argonians who served as advisors to the Imperial governors of the cities of Black Marsh and who acted as governors in the rural areas.[1] Their ranks were generally composed of native Argonians who had assimilated into the Imperial culture.[2]

Due to their positions as governors of the rural areas of Black Marsh, Archeins often possessed large plantations in the rural areas of Black Marsh. Many Archeins took part in the slave trade with the Dunmer of Morrowind, selling children on their estates to the Dunmer. It is worth noting that tribes similar to the Archeins may have existed in some form in Black Marsh since the province was founded, hence why the Dunmer were able to get slaves from the region for so long despite its dangerous terrain. [3]

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