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Archers are the marksmen of Tamriel, adept at combat over great distances. Archers are able to take down most foes before they have a chance to draw their sword. Archers typically wear light armor and can use any weapon, although their weapons of choice tend to be the long bow and the short bow. Needing both hands for utilizing their weapons of choice, archers rarely carry shields. A high agility ensures accuracy in delivering their arrows, and a high strength ensures maximum penetration.

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Though good all-round light skirmishers, unsurprisingly it is the bow that defines the Archer class. Marksman is their primary offensive skill, and with no specialty in Block and only wearing Light Armor, they will want to make full use of it to kill or soften up enemies at range.

Sneak with Marksman is one of the most powerful combinations in the game and will help an Archer get a powerful first hit on unsuspecting opponents, or evade combat altogether if they want. In the late game when Sneak is at a high level, Archers will be able to one-shot most weaker enemies and use hit and fade tactics against tough foes. An Archer can even take up a life of crime if so desired (being skilled at lockpicking also helps).

Archers work best at range but are far from helpless in close quarters. A Combat type character, they are capable of using either Blade or Blunt class weapons effectively, though it is best to specialize in one or the other. Which style of weapon an Archer uses is largely a matter of taste. The Archer has no Block skill so that means they don't lose out much by not using a shield and wielding a large two-handed weapon instead. A one-handed weapon allows for fast attacks, two-handed ones hit hard and have a longer reach but are slower and drain more fatigue when swung. Or, since an Archer also has the Hand-to-Hand skill, it is possible to forgo using any melee weapon at all.

Lastly the Archer is also an Armorer who can maintain their weapons and armor to keep them in mint condition.


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