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Archmagister Gothren is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine if they join House Telvanni in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind



Once the Nerevarine has killed Banden Indarys and been named a Wizard in House Telvanni, they may ask Master Aryon for an advancement through the House. He will state that two options are open to the Nerevarine: becoming a Master or a Magister.

Master of the HouseEdit

If the Nerevarine chooses to be named a Master of the Telvanni, then they will be the equal of Master Aryon and the other councilors of Telvanni. However, they will not be able to kill Gothren to become Archmagister, unless they return to Aryon and ask to be named a Magister.

Magister of TelvanniEdit

If the Nerevarine chooses to be named as a Magister then they will have put in a direct challenge to Gothren's control over the House. In order to become Archmagister, the Nerevarine must head to Tel Aruhn (west of Sadrith Mora) to challenge Gothren to a duel. Gothren will accept the challenge and he, and his two Dremora guards, will attack the Nerevarine together. Once all three have been disposed of, the Nerevarine may return to Aryon, who will declare them as Archmagsiter of House Telvanni. Challenging Gothren is not required and Aryon will accept Gothren's death without it.


Archmagister Gothren – HT_Archmagister
IDJournal Entry
10Master Aryon explained to me how to become the Archmagister of House Telvanni. When I have been declared Magister, I must challenge the current Archmagister, Gothren, and defeat him.
  • Quest accepted
100I am now the Archmagister of House Telvanni.
  • Quest completed


  • Mallam Ryon (Gothren's Mouth) will disappear from the game once Gothren is killed.
    • This will prevent the Nerevarine doing her quests (if they had not already).
  • The Nerevarine may have killed Gothren already (as part of the "Telvanni Hortator" quest) meaning that Aryon will name them Archmagister straight away.


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  • If the Nerevarine becomes a Master before this quest, they will not be allowed to become a Magister.
    • This can be fixed if the Nerevarine completes the Telvanni Hortator quest.

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