"We are traveling to the Shrine of Kynareth in Whiterun. I hear the Gildergreen is more beautiful than ever since it's been restored."


Ardwen is a traveling Bosmer priestess. She can be encountered after the Gildergreen is restored.


The Blessings of NatureEdit

After the Dragonborn has completed the quest "The Blessings of Nature," Ardwen will appear and begin heading for Whiterun. Upon talking to her, she reveals that she is heading to the Temple of Kynareth after she heard that the Gildergreen had been restored. She then mentions that eating the fruit of the tree supposedly adds years to your life.

Ardwen travels with an unnamed dog. Upon reaching Whiterun, she may simply stand outside of the city, near the Whiterun Stables. Despite always being with the dog, she seems to dislike it, calling it a "stupid mutt."

She can often be seen with her hands up as if she was praying or, what appears to be, sniffing. The unnamed dog cannot always be found with her, which may have been because it died on the way to Whiterun. 


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