Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls

"I am Areas, Barbarian and Stalker of the Quarra Clan."

Areas is a Nord Barbarian, and vampire who resides in the lower level of Druscashti. He will provide his merchant services to other members of the clan.


Areas uses or carries the following:


Areas possesses the following spells:


Armorer 38
Athletics 53
Axe 63
Block 53
Blunt Weapon 63
Medium Armor 63


  • "They are not unlike us in many ways. But, though gifted physically, they prefer the shadows, stalking their prey from the darkness. It is cowardly and weak, and they are not to be trusted."
  • "We Nords of Skyrim are big, strong, stubborn, and hardy. We love to fight, and are afraid of nothing."
  • "As a Quarra, you are gifted above all. Your strength and fighting skills are unmatched by any. Throw away your armor and weapons, for so great is our skill, that they are unneeded."
  • "As is obvious, we are stronger, faster, more focused than normal creatures. You will find your body lacks the frailties of the normal man or mer. Disease is nothing, and those who would seek to paralyze you will always fail. We float through the night air with ease, always watching. And, of course, we can drain the warmblooded ones with but a touch, restoring our own life force."
  • "Above all clans, we stand alone! We have few limitations to our power, so great is our gift. Our dark powers make us perfect predators, perfect warriors. Those who live in the sunlight fear our name."
  • "We are the dark walkers, those who prey on the warm blooded. Our gifts are many, and weakness few. There are three major clans: Aundae, Berne, and Quarra. There are others in this world as well, living like cattle in tombs under the ground."