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The Arena is a location in The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It challenges the player in one-on-one fights against non-player characters, and eventually other players.

Description[edit | edit source]

The arena is used for gladiatorial games, in hopes to boost the local economy of the struggling region.

Combatants[edit | edit source]

Name Weaknesses Resistances Immunities Abilities Damage Type
Angarion the Bold Shock Damage [?] [?] [?] Bashing
Brynhildur War-Wind Shock Damage [?] [?] [?] Cleaving
Dalsa Veleth Fire Damage [?] [?] [?] Slashing
Dinah-Al-Rihad Frost Damage [?] [?] [?] Slashing
Garzul gro-Durgoth Shock Damage [?] [?] [?] Bashing
Molriel Shock Damage [?] [?] [?] Slashing
Najeepa Swims-in-Blood Poison Damage [?] [?] [?] Cleaving
Severa Calvina Poison Damage [?] [?] [?] Slashing

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Bloodfall Queen may be an enemy in the arena in the future as referenced by Noura.
  • On 9th December 2019, Bethesda released online PvP mode allowing players to battle other Blades players online.
  • There is text in the Arena which reads "Champion's Arena" written in the Daedric alphabet.

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