Arethil Wethrin is a character in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. According to Princess Barynia, Arenthil and his partner kidnapped her to blackmail King Barynia.


Episode 1: Enter the ShadowsEdit

Arenthil Wethrin's HouseEdit

Arenthil: "Welcome to my gala! Let us raise a glass to the downfall of the King!"

Arenthil: "The princess sent you? Then my plans are undone. Kill me if you wish. But the King is weak. Our day will come, and soon."


  • Difficulty: Master
    • Lesser Ward 2x
    • Blackmail 3x
    • Firebolt 2x
    • Dance Partner 3x
    • Ice Spike 2x
    • Crystal Tower Crafter 3x
    • Shimmerene Peddler 2x
    • Cunning Ally 1x
    • Telvanni Arcanist 2x
    • Fire Storm 2x
    • Lightning Bolt 2x
    • Ice Storm 2x
    • Skywatch Vindicator 2x
    • Stealer of Secrets 2x



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