"Stay away from the Aretino Residence. The place is cursed."
―Windhelm Guard

Aretino Residence is a house in the city of Windhelm in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Aretino Residence is where Naalia Aretino lived with her young son Aventus, until Naalia's death. Now, the home is locked up at a Novice level lock, but rumors around town (including talk from Idesa Sadri and Grimvar Cruel-Sea under the eaves of the house) are that young Aventus is inside—having escaped from the Honorhall Orphanage and returned home—and has gone mad with grief. This is the only reasoning that could explain the strange noises coming from the house at odd hours: the boy is practicing the Black Sacrament.

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  • There is a stain-like mark above the fireplace that bleeds when hit correctly.


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