"Carahil has sent you, has she not? Go and speak with Christophe. Rent a room for the night. Once you have your room, I will meet you there."
―Arielle Jurard[src]
Not to be confused with Arielle Jurard (Lich).

Arielle Jurard is a Breton battlemage who is a member of the Mages Guild who, alongside Roliand Hanus, is investigating Caminalda on the Gold Road.


Anvil RecommendationEdit

The Hero is sent to the Brina Cross Inn to meet up with Arielle to investigate a rogue mage who might be the murderer of a Merchant on the roads.


Anvil Recommendation

"Hello, stranger. What can I do for you? Carahil has sent you, has she not? Go and speak with Christophe. Rent a room for the night. Once you have your room, I will meet you there. If anyone asks, you are a traveling merchant, nothing more. Do not say otherwise to anyone. No, friend. I'm afraid I don't know the way to Cheydinhal, but good luck in your travels. Please excuse me."

If approached again:

"Don't speak to me further until you've rented a room. Then I'll come find you."

After renting a room:

"We should speak in your room, where it is private. Not here."

In the rented room:

"All right. It should be safe to speak here. Once you've rested here, you need to continue along the Gold Road, heading east towards Kvatch. I shall be following you out of sight, along with a fellow Battlemage. Make no attempts to speak to us; trust that we will protect you. Should you be confronted by this cowardly mage, do not hesitate to protect yourself by whatever means possible. Once the mage has revealed himself, we will step in and settle the matter quickly. Now, get yourself some sleep. You'll need to be well-rested."

After resting the night:

"Did I not tell you to avoid contact with us? Travel along the road, and act normally. We shall be shadowing you."

After killing Caminalda:

"You've done well. The Gold Road should be a little safer for now. You should return to Anvil and let Carahil know the work is complete. We'll remain here and clean things up."



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  •  360   Both Roliand and Arielle may spontaneously attack an Imperial Legion Soldier if one is patrolling the road.


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