Not to be confused with Irkngthand or Arkngthamz.

Arkngthand is a large Dwemer Ruin found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is located in the Molag Amur region, on the island of Vvardenfell. The towers of the ruins can be seen above ground, but most of the maze-like structure is underground. There are many different sections within, some have pools of lava running through them. The upper part of the building is inhabited by bandits, and the locked, lower level is guarded by Dwemer Animunculi and Dwarven Spectres.


Hall of CentrifugeEdit

Arkngthand, Hall of Centrifuge Interior Map - Morrowind

Hall of Centrifuge interior map


Cells of Hollow HandEdit

Note: Cells of the Hollow Hand is two separate areas, both can be accessed from the Hall of Centrifuge.

Quest items

Weepingbell HallEdit

Arkngthand, Weepingbell Hall Interior Map - Morrowind

Weepingbell Hall interior map

  • Apprentice's armorer's hammer
  • Journeyman's lockpick
  • Four Ornate dwemer mugs
  • Two Dwemer gears
  • Crate with random loot

Heaven's GalleryEdit

Arkngthand, Heaven's Gallery Interior Map - Morrowind

Heaven's Gallery interior map

  • Two Dwemer bowls
  • Three Dwemer goblets
  • Ornate dwemer mug
  • Dwemer pitcher
  • Two Dwemer gears
  • Four Crates with random loot
  • One Crate (standard) with random loot
  • One Crate (rare) with random loot

Land's Blood GalleryEdit

Arkngthand, Land's Blood Gallery Interior Map - Morrowind

Land's Blood Gallery interior map

  • Dwemer bowl
  • Dwemer coins
  • Three Dwemer goblets
  • Dwemer pitcher
  • Three Barrels with random loot
  • Two Chests with random loot

Deep Ore PassageEdit

Arkngthand, Deep Ore Passage Interior Map - Morrowind

Deep Ore Passage interior map

  • Dwemer coins
  • Three Dwemer gears
  • Two Dwarven barrels with random loot
  • Two Dwarven chests with random loot
  • Dwemer Shield, Dwemer Cuirass – In a chest on a ledge that can only be accessed by levitation.


Antabolis InformantEdit

The Nerevarine must retrieve the Dwemer Puzzle Box for Hasphat Antabolis, to learn more about the Sixth House.



  • The entrance is opened by a nearby crank handle which moves the spherical door shield. This aspect is also present in the final dungeon of the main quest line, the Citadel of Dagoth Ur. Dagoth Ur uses the exact same mechanism to enter it during "The Citadels of the Sixth House."
  • If the Nerevarine is unable to unlock the lower levels of Arkngthand, Hasphat Antabolis will propose to give a key after completion of the quest Antabolis Informant. This will allow for further exploration and access to several rare Dwemer artifacts (weapons, armor, etc.).
  • Weepingbell Hall is a reference to Weepinbell from the popular video game, trading card, anime and manga series "Pokémon."