"The wizard Arkved has the Orb of Vaermina... snatched from the dreams of my followers and dragged into the waking world."

Arkved is an Altmer mage who is caught in an unexceptionable nightmare for stealing the Orb of Vaermina.

He can be found in his tower south-southwest of Cheydinhal. He has left a handwritten note behind on the table in the room where he is found explaining what he did.



Arkved has taken Vaermina's orb, so she has tasked the Hero of Kvatch with retrieving it for her from his tower.


  • Killing Arkved does not gain the attention of the Dark Brotherhood, but it may incur a bounty.
  • Despite Vaermina wanting Arkved to sleep forever as punishment, killing him won't affect the quest or cause a reaction.


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