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The following Armor appear in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.





Armor Sets ComparisonEdit

Note that this comparison is done without shields since not all sets have them. For Daedric Armor, since there is no default helmet, the Daedric Face of God was used as it has the same armor value as the rest of the set. Similarly, there are small differences between Iron Gauntlets and Iron Bracers and the gauntlets were used for calculations. Armor values are calculated using the formula here.

Set Class ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon
Adamantium Armor Medium 36.0 79.0 35,600
Basic Bonemold Armor Medium 14.1 81.4 11,600
Chitin Armor Light 9.0 24.40 156
Daedric Armor Heavy 72.0 309.0 225,000
Dark Brotherhood Armor Light 27.0 16.0 3,200
Domina Armor Light 13.5 35.5 298
Dwemer Armor Heavy 18.0 103.0 3,480
Ebony Armor Heavy 90.0 206.0 116,000
Glass Armor Light 45.0 45.0 92,800
Her Hand's Armor Heavy 63.0 300.0 176,000
Ice Armor Medium 45.0 84.0 39,000
Imperial Steel Armor Heavy 14.4 100.0 540
Imperial Templar Armor Heavy 16.2 103.0 680
Iron Armor Heavy 9.1 106.0 240
Netch Leather Armor Light 4.5 74.0 120
Nordic Fur Armor Light 4.3 30.9 120
Orcish Armor Medium 27.0 86.15 9,280
Steel Armor Heavy 13.5 107.0 490

Incomplete setsEdit






Left BracerEdit

Left GauntletEdit

Left PauldronEdit

Right BracerEdit

Right GauntletEdit

Right PauldronEdit


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