Armor Repair Debts is a House Redoran quest available to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Having successfully escorted Deval Beleth to Koal Cave, the Nerevarine will receive a new task from Tuveso Beleth.


Tuveso Beleth asked me to get Giras Indaram to pay his armor repair debts.



Beleth requests that the Nerevarine obtain the money owed by Giras Indaram in Molag Mar.  

Finding IndaramEdit

"Giras Indaram might pay his debts if one of his brother, Birer or Tidros, insists on it."
―People in the garrison.

Asking for Giras Indaram around town will reveal that he will only act if his brothers push him into action. Giras can be found inside the Armigers Stronghold in Molag Mar. Giras' brother, Tidros Indaram, will gladly help the Nerevarine, saying that Giras should pay the debt, it is the honorable thing to do.

Retrieving the debtEdit

Giras will agree, on this occasion, to pay the debt, having previously refused. Although, he demands that the Nerevarine defeat him in a duel. Giras will be defeated once his health drops below 50, it is also possible to knock him out. He will then proceed to hand the Nerevarine the money owed.

Returning to the ownerEdit

With Giras' debt in hand, the Nerevarine must return to Beleth in Ald'ruhn to complete the quest and receive the reward, a Glass Frostsword.


Armor Repair Debts – HR_BillCollect
IDJournal Entry
10Tuveso Beleth asked me to get Giras Indaram to pay his armor repair debts.
  • Quest accepted
20Giras Indaram refused to pay his debt.
30I was told that Giras Indaram's brothers, Birer and Tidros, might be able to convince Giras Indaram to pay the debt.
50Tidros told me to tell his brother that paying the debt is the honorable thing to do.
60Giras Indaram challenged me to a duel. I did not accept the challenge.
70Giras Indaram still refuses to pay the debt, but he challenged me to a duel, and I accepted. The duel ends when one of us admits defeat or dies.
90I defeated Giras Indaram in a duel.
100Tuveso Beleth thanked me for bringing Giras Indaram's debt money to her.
  • Quest completed


  • The Nerevarine can complete the quest by paying the debt out of their own pocket.
    • They must have spoken to Giras about the debt before, however.
  • Beleth's disposition will drop by 5 each time the Nerevarine mentions the debt after, even after they have given her the money owed.
  • If Giras is killed, his brothers' disposition towards the Nerevarine will drop dramatically.

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