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The finest blacksmiths this side of Stormhaven have prepared a special set of ceremonial armor and fine weaponry.

Such as in the highly respected guild of western Colovia, all those competent with blade or bow are welcome here, regardless of their standing in society (although those from military bloodlines are often favored). For those that prove themselves in battle, or are ready to fully commit to our cause, the finest blacksmiths this side of Stormhaven have prepared a special set of ceremonial armor and fine weaponry appropriated and improved from a set of parchments of the Imperial explorer Potitus Platorius, and his sketches of the rumored (and armored) inhabitants of Akavir.

Whether you opt for the swirled fabric of our hooded light armor, or the fanciful helm with its odd but practical chin drawstrings and forehead crest work, your armor is both imposing and impressive to those you encounter. A fabric of blue-dyed pauldron plates complements the deep brown plate work and the deep golden chest filigree. Specially stained leather of the same blue hue is finely wrapped around the hilt of each sword, mace, or bow grip. Blades are strong and slightly curved for those who favor the weight of a scimitar, or tapered and straight for the more traditional amongst you. Scroll-like flourishes adorn the quillon or bow shaft. Most weapons have a tone of gold and an outer silver sharpness, aside from the thick bludgeoning spikes of the maces.