Arnand Liric is an Breton member of the Imperial Legion. He resides at Buckmoth Legion Fort south of Ald'ruhn in the Ashlands region.



Arnand Liric trades in alchemy ingredients and potions.

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Corprus Weepings 5
Gravedust 10
Hound Meat 10
Netch Leather 5
Scamp Skin 5
Scrib Jelly 10
Bargain Disease Resistance 2
Bargain Fortify Health Potion 2
Bargain Restore Fatigue 3
Bargain Restore Health 3
Bargain Restore Magicka 3
Cheap Disease Resistance 2
Cheap Potion of Fortify Health 2
Cheap Restore Fatigue 2
Cheap Restore Health 5
Cheap Restore Magicka 1
Potion of Cure Blight Disease 5
Potion of Cure Common Disease 10
Potion of Cure Paralyzation 1
Potion of Cure Poison 1
Quality Disease Resistance 2
Quality Restore Health 2
Standard Disease Resistance 2
Standard Potion of Restore Luck 3
Standard Restore Agility 3
Standard Restore Endurance 3
Standard Restore Health Potion 5
Standard Restore Intelligence 3
Standard Restore Personality 3
Standard Restore Speed 3
Standard Restore Strength 3
Standard Restore Willpower 3

Skill trainerEdit

Arnard offers skill training in:

Alteration 58
Mysticism 62
Restoration 62

Spell merchantEdit

Arnand has ten spells available from the Conjuration, Mysticism, and Restoration schools of magic.

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Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Turn Undead 5 Turn Undead
50 pts for 10 sec on touch
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Dispel 25 Dispel
100 pts on self
Divine Intervention 8 Divine Intervention
on self
Soul Trap 6 Soultrap
for 60 sec on touch
Spell Absorption 25 Spell Absorption
10 pts for 5 sec on self
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Cure Blight Disease 100 Cure Blight Disease
on self
Cure Poison 5 Cure Poison
on self
Free Action 5 Cure Paralyzation
on self
Heal Companion 3 Restore Health
6–15 pts on touch
Mother's Kiss 4 Restore Health
10–20 pts on self


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