"The Arnesian War was one of the many during the troubled time of the Imperial Simulacrum of Jagar Tharn."
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The Arnesian War was a war between the province of Black Marsh and the province of Morrowind in 3E 396.[1]


Under the rulership of Jagar Tharn, the Arnesian War would take place. House Dres, a Great House of Morrowind found in the southern part of the province, had been gathering Argonian slaves from northern Black Marsh for generations,[2] as a means to sustain its agrarian agricultural society, due to its saltrice plantations relying solely on slave labor.[3]

As such, the war found its origins in a slave revolt in the lands of House Dres, one of the Great Houses of Morrowind.[2] Just before the war would break out, a group of Argonians had captured Roris, who was loyal to the Tribunal faith, even following torture by the Argonian sorcerers. A desire of revenge and justice for Saint Roris would become the rallying cry for the war,[4] and as such, Morrowind declared war.[5] The swamplands of southern Morrowind would become home to a bloody war between Argonians and Dunmer, and during the war the Imperial General Symmachus was slain.[2]


  • Portions of northern Black Marsh were conquered by Morrowind.
    • These areas would slowly be reclaimed following the outlawing of slavery.[6]
  • Barenziah renounced her claim on the province of Morrowind, and fled to the city of Wayrest.[2]
  • Roris, the Dunmer trader, was canonized by the Tribunal, becoming the patron saint of furnishers and caravaners.[4]


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