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Arniel's Convection is a spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that is taught by Arniel Gane for use in the quest "Arniel's Endeavor." The quest involves locating three Dwarven Convectors, putting the Warped Soul Gem into each one, and subsequently using the spell on the convector.


  • Vampiric Drain and this spell are the weakest Destruction spells. However, because it costs no Magicka, it can be made reliable and formidable with Fortify Destruction enchantments and Perk(s) as over time, it will deal out a decent amount of damage at no Magicka cost. If dual-casting is used this boost can be helpful. Finally, if used with a One-Handed weapon with a Fire Damage enchantment, the weapon will begin to deal more damage over time, as well as a damage boost from the weapon itself.


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  • Dual-wielding this spell on a convector while the Warped Soul gem is inside will cause the quest to glitch, and it will become unable to be completed.