Arnitole's Anger is an aspect of a Breton mage named Arnitole found at the ruins of Silaseli. His emotions left him when he used an Ayleid dreamstate relic. To return Anger to the mage, you have to defeat it in a fight.


Conflicted EmotionsEdit

Assist Zaag in fulfilling a contract for Arnitole in Silaseli Ruins.


"What are you looking at? Did I say you could look at me? I don't think so! I don't even want you sharing my air. You're a festering boil on the lip of reality! I don't like boils or things that fester! Move on … or do you have a problem with that?"

Don't get your under-clothes in a wad, unless you want to get hurt. "Oh, tell me you didn't say that! Tell me I didn't hear that right! How would you like a staff-blast to your stupid-ugly face …? Let's find out!"


  • "Oh gods! You're ruthless! Please … no more! You're really scaring me now! I'm going back to Arnitole!"
  • "Please, don't hurt me again! I don't want to be eviscerated!" – Before finishing the quest


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