Arnitole's Fear is an aspect of a Breton mage named Arnitole found at the ruins of Silaseli. His emotions left him when he used an Ayleid dreamstate relic. To return Fear to the mage, you have to catch him.


Conflicted EmotionsEdit

Assist Zaag in fulfilling a contract for Arnitole in Silaseli Ruins.


"Don't! Please! You're going to eviscerate me, I just know it! I don't want to be eviscerated! It sounds awful!"

Why would I eviscerate you? "Because I had a nightmare and someone told me they were going to eviscerate me. They described it in great detail how they were going to cut me open and let all my internal organs spill out … my liver, my stomach … it was terrible."
What if it was just a joke? "The it wasn't a very funny joke! My father was eviscerated, as a matter of fact! I'll put up with a lot, but jokes about evisceration are where I draw the line!"
So it was your mother who raised such a coward? "Oh? Now you're making jokes about my mother? Now you've done it! Now you've made me mad! I'm going back to Arnitole!"


  • "Get out of my face. Unless you want me to mangle yours!" – Before finishing the quest


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