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Not to be confused with Arnskar.

Arnskar Ember-Master is a member of the Thieves Guild and a blacksmith who appears in The Ragged Flagon after completing the third of the special jobs Delvin Mallory gives to the Dragonborn.


"They don't call me the Ember-Master for nothing. What do you need?"
―Arnskar Ember-Master[src]

He is a merchant, selling weapons, armor and smithing supplies. His shop is in an alcove on the north wall. It contains a forge, grindstone and workbench.

Arnskar is one of the earned merchants through completing City Influence quests along with Syndus, Herluin Lothaire, and Vanryth Gatharian.


  • "Looking for the best smith in Skyrim? You found it."
  • "Need your weapon repaired? Or can I interest you in a new one?"


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  •  360   Even with the Investor perk under the Speech skill, one cannot invest in his store.