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Arondil, formerly of Dawnstar,[1][2][3][4] is an Altmeri Necromancer and Ice Mage experimenting with necroanimus. After being "evicted" from Dawnstar for his experiments, Arondil took refuge in the icy depths of Yngvild where he endeavors to "reanimate and enslave the dead."[1] Arondil has an obsession with the young milkmaids of Dawnstar and has found a way to bolster his already unique entirely female draugr entourage with their reanimated specters, the Yngvild Ghosts.


Toying With The Dead[]

Vekel the Man asks the Dragonborn to bring all four of Arondil's journals for a client whose literary interests could only be satisfied by the works of a madman.


"The ruins of Yngvild should hold the materials I need to learn more about reanimating and enslaving the dead. On a personal note, I WILL miss the young maidens of Dawnstar. Such beauty was intoxication."

Arondil is the author of four journals (quest items) that can be found on tables in his lair, and they must be acquired for the quest "Toying With The Dead." The journals paint a highly disturbing image of the man and chronicle his actions thoroughly.


  • "Ah, another plaything for my collection." (if engaged in combat while being a female.)
  • "What? An intruder? Attack, my lovelies!" (if engaged in combat while being a male.)
  • "What's happening? No! Leave me alone!" (if the Dragonborn stole the Soul Gem)


  • The Yngvild Ghost standing next to his throne can be turned against him by sneaking by them and taking the soul gem on the nearby pedestal.
  • It is implied through his journals and the fact that one of his ghosts can be found sleeping in his bed that he is a necrophiliac.[3]
  • If the soul gem was taken off the pedestal and the ghost kills him, and then he is resurrected as a Dead Thrall, Arondil will use his unique dialogue about the soul gem whenever in battle.