Known locations

  • Inside Yngvild caves. Go through the first big room with the stairs and fight a Draugr Deathlord and a draugr. Once they are dead, look to the left to see an opening with wood supports on the left and right. Go through the opening and it will be on a table at the end of the hallway.


Day 1
It seems the cretins of Dawnstar are not quite as foolish as I had surmised. They found my experimentations and needless to say, were not pleased with what they saw. No matter. My work can only flourish without the distractions of living amongst the unenlightened.

I have found a cave off the north coast of Skyrim that will be more than sufficient for my continued studies. The ruins of Yngvild should hold the materials I need to learn more about reanimating and enslaving the dead.

On a personal note, I WILL miss the young maidens of Dawnstar. Such beauty was intoxication. I often found my thoughts wandering around them, imagining secret encounters between myself and one or two of the local girls...


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